Higher education in America is in freefall.

Dear Students ,

In case nobody has told you, higher education in America is in freefall. It has succumbed to the morally corrosive panic created by its current funding model.

It wasn’t always like this. In the recent past, State and Federal governments supported higher education financially because they saw…


Part 2 is an important transitional piece between Part 1 and Henry V, and the play navigates tricky shifts in tone.

In a play that bears some remarkable similarities to the first part, the ways that Part 2 deviates from Part 1 are more notable. One of those interesting deviations is the inclusion of an induction delivered by an allegorical character, Rumor, at the beginning of the play. This seems to…


You won’t believe how effective these are

Full disclosure: there are only three secrets. But that title got you really fired up to learn more, didn’t it? Any one of them will work, so what are you crying about? Here we go!

Use the Eldritch Magic of the Earth to Create a Double of Yourself

They say that two heads are better than one, so how much betterer would two…

Use these 4 basic principles to write effective essays.

English majors do not get enough instruction on how to write. College English teachers sometimes assume that students who choose the major know all they need to know about how to write effective essays, but while some English majors may write…


Because your domestic tranquility is way more important than someone else’s domestic turbulence.

If you’re like me, an upper-middle-class parent whose small children witness extreme poverty every day on their way to and from school, it can be difficult to convince them that homelessness doesn’t exist. There isn’t a huge upside to having your children be reminded every day that we live in…

Matthew Thiele

Teacher. Satirist. Scholar. Published in Slackjaw, MuddyUm, Points in Case, McSweeney’s, Ben Jonson Journal, and elsewhere.

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