Astro Gator Number 4

Original art by Matthew Thiele

Dated 2/4/2003. The artwork is already beginning to improve a little. Astro Gator’s profile looks decent, and I like the scale and perspective on the landscapes. I was still not sure what to do with intersecting lines — sometimes there is a little break, sometimes not.

At this point, I was doing a lot of the things I knew comic artists did to make the work consistent and attractive. I was making preliminary sketches for complicated elements. I was inking over pencils with archival-quality pens. I was using a template to make the size consistent. I was thinking about layout.



Matthew Thiele

Teacher. Satirist. Scholar. Published in Slackjaw, Points in Case, McSweeney’s, Ben Jonson Journal, and elsewhere. Definitely not a robot. Or an alien.